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What's your big money goal?

My Big Money Goal My Big Money Goal

"We want to move into a bigger house … with ocean views."

My Big Money Goal

"We want a big wedding, but not a big debt!"

My Big Money Goal

"A second investment property, then maybe a third. Oh and a holiday in Fiji!"

My Big Money Goal

"Richard says a new boat, but I’m thinking a new deck … with a hot tub."

My Big Money Goal

"We really need to put that extra bedroom and bathroom on the house."

My Big Money Goal

"This old clunker is on its last legs, I’m thinking the new one should be red."

My Big Money Goal

"A month in Bali (without the kids!) to do my yoga teacher training."

My Big Money Goal
My Big Money Goal

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My BIG Money Goal was created to help you look at money differently, do your banking differently and learn how to waste less so you can have more.

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Chris Childs

Chris Childs

Why I created this program

We all like to be in control. Yet most people live "lives of quiet desperation" as Thoreau once said.

I have made it my life's passion to share what I have learned about financial security, enabling people to reach their goals and enjoy a life of happiness and fulfilment and leave behind the sense of desperation that plagues so many of us. This program shares all I have learned over many years building a wealth and property portfolio.

It is my dream to help as many people as I can take control of their finances, reach for their goals and turn their lives around.

The Program

Weekly Challenges

See what the program is all about. The Program contains weekly challenges, life hacks and information sheets that are designed to help you save money and reduce debt without reducing your lifestyle.

This program will give you fresh inspiration to help you strive for your goals and improve your financial outlook.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to take the plunge? Registration is quick and easy. Just follow the link below and you'll be taking the first step towards financial security and a happier, healthier life.

Success is within your reach. The future begins here.

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in a nutshell

What you Get

The My Big Money Goal program is packed with helpful resources to assist you in realising all your financial dreams.

Inside the kit you’ll find a quarterly goal tracker with easy to follow tutorials, Chris’ Money Management System, access to the Think Budget App and a quick start guide to using it. You will also receive Weekly Mini Sprints and Life Hacks to get you saving money and improving your life, health and attitude.

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My Big Money Goal - What You Get

Take action to make change

Changing habits...

My Big Money Goal is about changing the way you look at money. Providing no-nonsense advice about managing your finances and reducing your debt.

Nothing will change until you decide to take action. My Big Money Goal will teach you healthy habits you can apply to food, finance and fitness.

You'll learn the secrets to saving money, budgeting, understanding goals and implementing strategies to improve your attitude and outlook in every area of your life.

Understanding Money

Helpful tools...

Ever look at your bank statement and wonder, "Where did it all go?" Your My Big Money Goal pack includes the Think Budget app which will allow you to record and track all your expenses.

Custom designed with an easy to use interface, the Think Budget app is an essential tool for understanding your finances and helping you reduce your spending and increase your savings.

Available on any platform, you can take it with you anywhere. Your budget data is stored safely on secure cloud servers, giving you instant access and up-to-date info.

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There are so many times when we have tried to save money and ended up putting our money on a diet. Without superhuman willpower – dieting just doesn’t work – for weight reduction or debt reduction. It needs to be a lifestyle change (I have often rolled my eyes at this one) but, turns out it’s true… The same can be said for saving money or reducing debt.

Sometimes just a few simple steps are all it takes to make a momentous difference. The biggest trick is finding the leakage and wastage of money oozing from your life that, if you plug the flow, doesn’t reduce your lifestyle. It is simple, easy to do and amazingly few people actually do it.

In the ‘My Top 5 Life Hacks’ ebook you will learn about life hacks that will make a big difference in your everyday life without taking much time or breaking your budget.

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My Big Money Goal - What You Get
Think Budget App

Think Budget App

What’s your big money goal? Budgeting just got easier with our new app.

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The Features

My Big Money Goal - Life Hacks


Tips and tricks to get you thinking creatively, help you save money, change your mindset and improve your attitude.

My Big Money Goal - Mini Sprints

Mini Sprints

Small, weekly challenges to help you get creative and build momentum towards your goals.

My Big Money Goal - Think Budget App

Think Budget App

Get control of your finances easily with our new Think Budget App. Designed to make budgeting and meeting your money goals easier.

My Big Money Goal - Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

Understand how the system works, the importance of goal setting and what the challenges and mini sprints can help you achieve.

My Big Money Goal - Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Failure to plan is planning to fail and if you don't set a target how will you ever hit it? Learn the secrets of goal setting with regular advice from Chris.

My Big Money Goal - Facebook Group

Facebook Group

Keep up to date with the latest news and events via the Facebook group.

My Big Money Goal Resources
My Big Money Goal - Events

Events & Webinars

Intensive training sessions and positive reinforcement are a great way to keep your momentum. Plus you'll meet like-minded people who share your dreams.

My Big Money Goal - Review Results

Review Results

Get regular feedback on what's working and how well you are progressing. Helpful advice is always close at hand.

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