Tip #33 : Adapt – My Big Money Goal

I want to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these crazy times. Yes, it is an uncertain time and there are things that we won’t be able to control – but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle, it can be an opportunity.

For 7 weeks I am going to send you a daily dose of inspiration, because if we set our compass right, we can sail through this!

“First tell yourself what kind of person you want to be, then do what you have to do.” – Epictetus

Tip #33 : Adapt

In times of uncertainty, we need to adapt to thrive. A willingness to adapt is a key element of resilience. The gift of a time like this, is that things are disrupted anyway, the boat is already being rocked – so it becomes much less daunting to make big changes.

Adapting is about responding to what is actually happening, rather than rigidly sticking to a plan. People can sometimes resist adapting because they think it means that their plan failed or they are giving up – Adapting is a strength, not a weakness. Far from failing, being able to change your mind is a sign of power. We are big believers in determination and planning, but only when teamed with the flexibility to adapt.

Adapting involves being able to step back from busily striving for immediate outcomes – take some distance from the goals you have set – deeply examine the systems you have in place – and question all the things that you do simply because ‘that’s what I’ve always done’.

Think about new, short term priorities, perhaps this current situation presents the perfect time to develop some projects and ideas you’ve had on the shelf? Also, take a moment to reassess your systems – perhaps the way you have been working until now is due a makeover.

If this period of uncertainty has brought a lull in business (or busy-ness) for you – you can use the time as an incubation and preparation period. Try to view the changes that are happening as an opportunity for growth.

Ask yourself not only what you want to achieve, but what you want to contribute to the world and how you want to be. Is that different now than it was at the start of the year? Adapting is a process of looking honestly at where you are now, and how the road ahead has changed, so that you can tweak or rethink your plan before powering forwards again.

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