Tip # 50: Reader’s picks – My Big Money Goal

I wanted to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these crazy times.

For the last 7 weeks I have sent you a daily dose of inspiration, I hope it has helped to set your compass right: sailing towards your goals and anchored to the best of yourself.

Today is the last of my ‘50 things to help you THRIVE in uncertain times’. I hope you have enjoyed receiving this series of emails as much as I have loved creating it for you. We may not be arriving in your inbox every day for a while – but we aren’t going anywhere, so reach out to us for any support you need, as you continue on your journey!

Tip # 50: Build up your Toolkit

We like to think of this series of simple, practical tips that we have sent you, as tools – tools for you to add to your toolkit. They are there for you to draw on when you have a wobble or just need a bit of clarity about how to focus your energy.

I have also been creating a series of webinars called ‘MBMG -Thrive and Survive Webinars’ as part of the My Big Money Goal program

I would like to thank you all for your kind comments and reactions over the past 50 days, it has been very motivating to know that this has helped.  To finish the series, we decided to recap the ‘Top 5 Tips’: they are the ones that you have told us meant the most to you… however, it ended up 15, because I just couldn’t choose and we’ve had such a response to so many of them. 

So these are my top 15, they include the tips that got the biggest responses and reactions, and my personal favourites.  Some of these were just plain fun like tip #22, and others are life long game changers like tip #43.

  • Tip #5: Be the one to set the emotional tone (calm is contagious – spread it)
  • Tip #10: Declutter your home
  • Tip #12: Organise a zoom party and stay connected
  • Tip #14: Say Thank You
  • Tip #18: Complaint Free for a Day
  • Tip #22: Dance like no one is watching (just for one song)
  • Tip #25: Cultivate your inner coach & Mute your inner critic
  • Tip #29: Write a Could Do List (the fun best friend of the To Do List)
  • Tip #30: Get a Plant (Drink Water and Get some sunlight, you’re basically a houseplant with complicated emotions)
  • Tip #34: Be happy for someone else’s success
  • Tip #35: Flip anxiety to Excited.
  • Tip #41: Create your own oasis  
  • Tip #43: Practice Mirroring (Be the change you want to see in the world)
  • Tip #45: Give the gift of time and attention
  • Tip #46: Press the reset button

I hope that our ’50 Things to Help You Thrive’ have brought you some inspiration and helped, in some small way, to get you through these crazy Covid times.

Xx Chris