Tip #6 : Go for a walk – My Big Money Goal

I want to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these crazy times. Yes, it is an uncertain time and there are things that we won’t be able to control – but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle, it can be an opportunity.

For 7 weeks I am going to send you a daily dose of inspiration, because if we set our compass right, we can sail through this!

“Daily walks are not a rule – they are an enjoyment and a necessity” – Charles Dickens

Tip #6 : Go for a walk

Try taking a walk every day for a week – I like to go before breakfast and find that having a set time every day helps. Many of the greatest thinkers, writers and leaders in history have proclaimed the value of walking for incubating their ideas, refreshing their minds and sparking inspiration. Neuroscientists and doctors are constantly publishing new research that shows the benefit of walking on both our physical and mental heath. Even in the states with the strongest social distancing rules, they are still encouraging people to go outside for exercise daily, and for very good reason.

It’s no surprise that walking in beautiful natural settings is generally considered to have the most benefits, so if you are in reach of a nice park or coastal path then go use it! There is also great value in being able to walk from the front door, rather than drive somewhere, so explore your neighbourhood streets with a deliberate intention to see beauty in them. It’s amazing what you notice when you are looking at familiar places through fresh eyes that are determined to see beauty.

This can be a wonderful moment of solitude in the day to let your mind wander or listen to an inspiring audiobook. Equally, it can be a special time to really connect with someone as you walk and talk together. Think of it not as another thing on your to do list, but as a pleasure to indulge in daily… This is a great time to establish some powerful habits that will last long beyond lockdown, and a daily walk is one that will serve you well

Recommended Reading:

REST by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

“Take a break and read Rest: you’ll make smarter decisions, have better relationships, and be happier and more creative” James Wallman, author of Stuffocation

“Many of us are interested in how to work better, but we don’t think very much about how to rest better.”