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Tip # 19: Make ‘bits and pieces’ pizza (or soup/casserole) to reduce your waste and your grocery bill

When we work with people to help plug ‘money leaks’ we often find that the kitchen is a very potent place to start. Today, we have one very common ‘money leak’ to look for in your kitchen… it is the last bits of wilted veggies in the fridge, or the leftover meat/veg from dinner a couple of nights ago that you might throw out. Get creative and use up what you would otherwise waste in a meal to serve today or freeze for later.

A ‘leftovers pizza’ with unusual toppings or a soup/casserole (with a good dose of herbs and spices for flavour) are brilliant ways to use up whatever food from the fridge is on the way out. Don’t worry about having the ‘right’ ingredients or making something that follows a recipe to the letter – bend the rules, get creative and make the most of what you have to hand. It will have more of an impact on your budget than you expect!

When you are looking for ways to help adjust your budget without impacting on your lifestyle, work to identify wasted or ‘leaked’ money, before you start eliminating things that bring you significant pleasures…

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