Tip # 20: Try something new – My Big Money Goal

I want to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these crazy times. Here is your daily dose of inspiration – because if we set our compass right, we can sail through this!

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”― Erin Hanson

Tip # 20: Try something new

Because of the constraints of social distancing, incredible people all over the world have been making new tutorials, courses and content on line. There has never been an easier time to learn new skills!

There is every kind of movement skill from yoga to animal flow to tai chi to modern dance… there are tutorials in crafts from book binding to illustration to carpentry… there are meditation courses, language courses, and gardening courses popping up all over the Internet.

While people everywhere are sharing their skills in an effort to stay connected and keep contributing to the world – why not try something new? Without any pressure to become a master of it, why not experiment with a new hobby (or just a once-off fun thing). Maybe the new thing you try is to make your own tutorial, sharing your expertise with the world!

This is not just to fill up some time on your weekend – trying new things stretches us out of our comfort zone, it fuels more creativity, and it boosts happy brain chemistry. This is a chance to build our resilience by overcoming challenges in a lighthearted way, helping to make a habit of approaching a challenge playfully and with curiosity.

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