Tip # 21 : Set priorities and plan for the week ahead – My Big Money Goal

I want to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these crazy times. Here is your daily dose of inspiration – because if we set our compass right, we can sail through this!

“Let us try to recognise the precious nature of each day” – Dalai Lama

Tip # 21 : Set priorities and plan for the week ahead

There is tremendous value in taking a little time on a Sunday to consider the big picture and set your priorities for the week ahead. This means that during the week you have already oriented yourself towards your goals and you can trust in the actions you have prioritised, without second guessing which task you should be concentrating on.

  • Begin by taking some time to celebrate where you are now and all you did in the last week.
  • Anchor yourself in who you want to be this week and how you want to feel.
  • Consider your big goals and outcomes you’d like to have by the end of the week.
  • Consider the key tasks, habits and activities that would most powerfully move you in that direction.
  • Schedule them in if scheduling works for you, or make a clear list.

Taking a little time now to set your priorities now, before the week gets rolling, will help avoid the feeling of ‘not enough time’. How often do we think that we don’t have enough time to: go for a walk, send those emails, write that blog post etc – but we somehow do find the time for things that hijack our attention: scrolling social media, responding to the most recent thing to pop into our inbox etc…

By making clear priorities at the start of the week that are informed by our goals, we feed a clarity and purpose in the actions we take day to day. We can anchor ourselves to our intentions and sail towards our goals.

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