Tip # 24: Review your regular outgoings – My Big Money Goal

I want to help you not just survive, but THRIVE in these uncertain times. Here is your daily dose of inspiration – because if we set our compass right, we can sail through this!

“Make choices. Take action. That is how growth happens.”

Tip # 24: Review your regular outgoings (direct debits and subscriptions etc)

In business and at home it is easy for regular payments to slowly add up over time – they become a habit of spending rather than a clear choice. Revisit your budget and review your direct debits, subscriptions and regular payments. Use this time to really consider what is adding value to your life and what has become a money leak – make sure that what you are spending is a choice.

Is there a magazine you subscribed to which now tends to go, unread, into the recycling?

Is there a gym membership you haven’t put to use in 6 months (or one you can’t use right now that can go on hold until you are ready)?

Are you part of a wine or cheese delivery subscription that you aren’t loving?

Are there any online platforms that you wouldn’t miss if they were gone? (I’m talking about things like: netfix, spotify, yoga glo, stan, prime, the new york times, audible, masterclass… and so many more). Many of these have a free version, perhaps that would be enough for how often you use it?

Is there anything you can cut, without significantly impacting your lifestyle?

Some of these will be adding incredible value to you, and I encourage you to keep those if your budget allows. Some, however, will have become budget leaks. These are the ones that we no longer derive joy from but continue to pay for… eliminating these can be a brilliantly simple way to ease your budget.

Make sure you know what is going out and that it is still a choice that reflects your priorities right now. Once you have made a decision – act now – the best intentions do noting if they aren’t supported by action.